Tennis Jewelry: Versatile and Timeless

Tennis Jewelry: Versatile and Timeless

Everything you need to know about Tennis Jewelry

A jewelry staple that has been around for decades, the iconic Tennis jewelry remains one of the classic, never-outdated pieces. A must-have in one's jewelry box. A style versatile enough to be worn from the tennis court to special occasions.


Origin of the name 'Tennis' Jewelry 

Originally referred to as the Diamond line or eternity, the term 'tennis' jewelry was coined from an incident involving famous tennis star Chris Evert in 1987, while defending her three-year streak as the US Open champion, where she lost her gold diamond bracelet in the middle of the match. Since then, people began referring to it as the tennis bracelet.

By definition, tennis jewelry is single strands of small gemstones, usually diamonds, in a plain, flexible string setting. A piece that consists of a glittering line of diamond stones of the same color, cut, size, and clarity, set side by side to create a complete, flexible line of jewelry. 


Versatility and Timelessness

An item of timeless elegance, tennis jewelry are perfect for special occasions or as an investment piece passed onto future generations. Its design remains a classic, making it a versatile piece that can be worn daily or stacked for a more layered look. Tennis jewelry also makes for an eye-catching statement piece that allows the diamonds to shine and be a stunning addition to any outfit. 

Loved by generations, it has evolved from a simple string of diamonds into a more stylish piece thru time as these can be styled depending on anyone's preference by adding a dash of the wearer's unique ideas and personality. By mixing stones and diamonds of various weights, sizes, colors, or settings combined, its visual impact can range from subtle to bold.  


Jewelry trends come and go, but Tennis jewelry has proven to stand the test of time and style, as it remains iconic and one of the most sought-after pieces to date. 

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