Necklace layering tips

Necklace layering tips

There’s a certain pleasure in sitting out a trend, but you don’t want to miss out on layered necklaces. If you love the effortless style and sophisticated glamour, you can elevate your wardrobe by layering necklaces like a fashion stylist.

Here are some of the tips we can share to you on how to properly layer your necklaces

  1. When it comes to chain styles, there are many different kinds. But this is good news for anyone who wants to layer necklaces! Using different chains is acceptable and makes layering interesting. Although, don’t let this deter you from wearing the same chain for all your layers!

  2. Instead of layering several eye-catching designs, pick one main necklace to take center stage and build the entire stack around it. That is an easy way to ensure your necklace combination won’t look busy and, instead, it’ll make an elegant and stylish statement.

  3. There’s no need to limit yourself to gold, silver, and metals. You can add a pop of color to your neckline. Pearls, colored stones, and other vibrant materials can fit into your layered necklace look. Pair a colorful piece with necklaces in more muted tones, and keep your outfit low-key.

  4. Another good tip when mixing metals is to stick to similar necklace designs to avoid going overboard. Alternatively, you could also stick to one precious metal and play with different necklace designs.

Now that you know how to layer necklaces like a pro, it’s time to shop for your new favorite necklaces. Visit our website and start looking for more designs for layering necklaces! 


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